FarmCompany’s New Headquarter


Vejen, Denmark, 11 June 2019, 11:30am – FarmCompany A/S today proudly announced the relocation of the company and its subsidiaires to a new HQ located in the Vejen Municipality, located in the southwest of Denmark.

“The group has expanded its presence in the region during the past couple of years, and it is important to have our headquarter located near our farm- and farmland operations”, said the Chairman of FarmCompany A/S, Mr. Jens Ohnemus.

“We have taken on the challenge and the opportunity to renovate and transform the Ravnholtgaard farmhouse from 1863 into a modern business center for the agricultural and food industry, where we have enough office space to welcome businesses in the same field of activity”, Mr Ohnemus continued.

“FarmCompany sees Vejen as a strategic headquarter location, where our business benefits from municipality comprehension, proficient agricultural professionals, superior infrastructure in the region including the Billund International Airport nearby”, Jens Ohnemus concluded.

About FarmCompany
FarmCompany A/S is a sustainable farmland investment company, with the vision to become the premier Danish farmland company focused on the management of high-quality farms and farm-related properties. The company manages nearly 1’700 hectares across Denmark and holds an AA credit rating.