Welcome to FarmCompany

FarmCompany is a private real-estate investment company. It owns and manages a select portfolio of farms and farmland in Denmark. It constantly monitors the market, to identify and acquire further properties with high potential for agricultural development.

With a proud farming background, our team develops strong partnerships with our managing tenants. Together we create value and ensure the long-term success of each property. Through economies of scale and sharing of resources and networks we can lower input costs and increase profitability for all parties.

Farmland investments have numerous advantages. Apart from the privileged sense of being a land owner, they:

  • Provide investors with real exposure to the agriculture world
  • Invest in high quality farmland with sustainable production
  • Offer potential capital gains due to inelastic demand and supply (stable, bond-like income together with equity-like upside potential for capital appreciation)
  • Present low volatility and limited exposure to financial market speculation

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